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PosIDentTM Fingerprint ID system: U.S. Air force SBIR Contract.

PosIDent is a highly accurate fingerprint ID system, first developed in 1985 under a SBIR contract for the U.S. Air Force.  Further development was funded by Knightronix and through a contract with the U.S. Army.  Under the Army contract, we developed a high speed image matching chip for the correlator/tracker, that was also used to match fingerprints.  Using this chip, fingerprints can be matched in a fraction of a second.  This chip eliminates the need for an expensive PC, and allows use of a low cost microprocessor to control a fingerprint matcher.   However, because some applications such as computer security have a PC readily available, we have developed software versions of Posident that run under Windows.  The windows version of PosIDent was developed using Microsoft's Component Object Model (COM), and is easily customized for many applications.   PosIDent is ideal for access control, door locks, Credit/Bank Cards, computer security, and many other applications. For more information on PosIDent biometric solutions, please contact Knightronix, Inc.